Mountain Models of the Swiss Alps

We bring the reliefs to life - gain a new 3D perspective

Find Your Piece of Landscape

Enjoy a bird's eye view of some of the most iconic mountains of the alps. Take the reliefs with you at home.

Contour Blocks have been working on digital data of mountains and shaping them into concrete scale models for you to see, touch, feel. You can be used to having a single point of view of a peak (if the fog does not get in the way), but with your Block, you can unlock new viewpoints.

Commitment to Precision

We want our scale models to be as precise as possible

We do not settle for mediocre results. We researched high resolution data and advanced manufatcuring techniques to achieve the highest possible fidelity, and we are proud of our results: sharp contours, durable material and the feeling of being there.

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