30.00 CHF each
Weight: 0.34 kg
Width: 6.2 cm
Length: 6.2 cm
Height: 6.5 cm

contour plot of the sosto mountain


If you want to see the Sosto you will have to make your way through the Blenio Valley. With a height of 2'221 meters it will appear to you steadily as you make your way past the towns until you arrive at Olivone (whose flag by the way has adopted it as its symbol), where it will stand tall in front of you like it were the final boss of the Blenio Valley, and it definitely feels like one if you try to climb it: you will have to stay focused all the time, and it sure feels steep while doing so.

Modeling this mountain for the Contour Blocks project has been particularly rewarding. Compared to the other mountains in Switzerland it is not particularly tall, and is almost dwarfed if set aside other mountains like the Pilatus, but its unique and distinct shape is what it makes it so special. Some have defined the Sosto as the "Matterhorn of the Blenio Valley". In fact, it is somewhat isolated from the surrounding landscapes and stands proud over the valley, thus gaining its iconicity.

The Model on a Map

We opted for a square base for the sosto, almost as to reincorce the impression of its quasi-symmetrical shape.

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