Passion for Mountains

During the free time we spend a lot of time on the mountains. When working we research the newest technologies. This project made both ends meet and answers one question: can we leverage the most modern methods to represent the Alpine landscapes? The answer slowly but surely materialized: we started manufacturing scale models of our favourite mountains, decorating our home with them.

Friends and family members were impressed and started asking if they could have a block for themselves and were thrilled to have a piece of mountain at home.

A Different Perspective

If you take a cable car, hop on a plane, climb a mountain, or just fly a drone, you know that the world looks different from above. A Block gives you the opportunity to feel this fascination - you will have a birds eye view from each possible angle. Some mountains are almost unrecognizeable if not seen from the conventional and well known angles, and this is the beauty of it.


We don't settle for mediocre results. The Blocks need to look like the real deal. This project dives deep into data science, mathematics, 3D modeling, and chemistry. This interdisciplinary knowledge got us where we are now - and this is why it's such a thrilling journey.

Patience is Key

Prototyping the models took a lot of time, countless variants, materials, techniques had to be tried out to reach the results that would satisfy us. Still to this day, the time to produce a single model spans over a few days. But if you think about it, the mountain ranges as we know them took milllions of years to form.

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