Terms and Conditions

General recognition

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all legal transactions via the online shop of Contour Blocks. Through each order division (in the online shop or by e-mail), the buyer recognizes all points of this sales and delivery condition. Conditions are not accepted. Contour Blocks reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

Conclusion of the contract

The purchase contract reaches as soon as a paid order is triggered in the online shop. Until then, the products and prices in the online shop apply as offer.

Mass and illustrations etc.

All information and illustrations in our online shop and on the homepage are not binding. Model changes are reserved. Description, technical information and prices of the products can be changed at any time. Typographic or graphic errors, errors in the product descriptions, prices and the technical specifications remain reserved.


The buyer understands that, since the production process is manual, there may be imperfections in the final product. Each product is unique and will be different from another (two pieces of the same subject may differ in height).

The buyer further understands that, because of the concrete material, the models are brittle and fragile, especially at the edges.

The buyer further understands that, because of its weight and hardness, any product can inflict damage to persons, children, pet, furniture, etc. Countour Blocks is not liable for any damage inflicted by its products.


VAT is included in Swiss prices (in CHF). The VAT amount is reported separately in the invoice.


Delivery costs are added to the selling price on all products. This applies to deliveries in Switzerland (except, unless otherwise agreed). Actions like free shipping can be granted by Contour Blocks as a promotion - but this is not a standard condition.

Delivery periods

Delivery times are made as exact as possible by Contour Blocks, but are always non-binding. If Contour Blocks can not comply with a delivery date, the buyer is not entitled to revoke the order or to assert any claims for damages. For Contour Blocks products, the delivery time amounts to around 10 working days after ordering. The delivery time can also be less.

Payment conditions

You can pay with a bank transfer. In this case, we will ship the product once the payment has arrived. Alternatively you can pay by incoice. This will be included in the packaging and must be paid within 20 day of receival of the shipment.

The goods remain the property of Contour Blocks until full payment.


The client has to immediately check correctness, completeness and quality. Any complaints of the nature, the amount or the quality of goods delivered are to be addressed no later than 3 days after receipt (otherwise the goods will be considered as flawlessly and accepted) via our contact form.

Transport damage

We packagage our goods as as possible. Transport damage, although rare, can occur. Please address this no later than 3 days after receipt


If the goods received are deemed free of flawless and accepted, we offer no guarantee.

The warranty is excluded for damages due to normal wearing or improper use as well as other faults of the buyer. Furthermore, the warranty is excluded if the customer or third parties have made repairs or changes on the goods.

If any defects legitimized by the buyer in writing in the sense of these provisions, Contour Blocks shall have the choice of making the defects or to replace the defective goods or parts thereof. The duration of the warranty is not renewed or extended by the possible repair or replacement delivery.

Illustrations and descriptions of the goods on our (and / or our suppliers) online platform, brochures and price lists are not binding for the execution of the delivered goods; Contour Blocks and their suppliers reserve the right to make design changes and structural deviations at any time and other deviations.


For purchases and shipments in Switzerland, in case of transport damage, the buyer must, at Contour Blocks' cost, ship the goods back. Upon receipt, the buyer will be entitled to another free shipment of the goods.

Returns for other reasons must be requested via our contact form up to 10 days after receipt of the goods. The buyer must shi the goods back at own cost - intact and in the original packaging. For returns, we only reimburse the selling price of the perfectly returned goods exclusive of the shipping costs.


Contour Blocks is always entitled to modify their general terms of sale and delivery by notification to the buyer or publication on the homepage.


Any use of illustrations and texts from our catalogs, brochures and website is prohibited without our written permission.


Jurisdiction is Zurich. Swiss law applies.

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